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Coffee Introduction

In the market there are many type of coffee, some coffee are grow in specific location, which suit their weather and land. However white coffee is the most popular in Malaysia.

White Coffee

White coffee has different type of explanations, for our white coffee is the coffee roasted without added any sugar, oil or other additional content. It creates another type of taste and style, creamy and delicious.

White coffee is processing in mild low-temperature baking and special process to remove the bitter and sour taste cause by high-temperature grilled, and minimize the caffeine, bitterness and sourness to the lowest without any additives added, outstanding aroma, gentle to stomach and retain the original color and flavor of coffee, the color is more softer than the regular coffee, light golden yellow with pure classical taste.

Type of coffee

Coffee Arabica

• This is one of the varieties that qualify as a gourmet coffee bean.

• Grown all over the world

• Contains less caffeine than Robusta varieties

• Can grown at 3,000 feet above sea level

• The most expensive variety and is considered as superior quality due to its rounded, mild and pleasant aroma

Coffee Robusta

• Used for espresso coffees because of its harsher taste

• Less flavorful and have a bitter taste

• Originates from Africa and is grown primarily in Brazil, Vietnam and Africa

• Lower grade of coffee bean variety

• Can be grown at any elevation

• Growing temperatures can be more flexible, but a humid and tropical climate is still required

• Twice as much caffeine as other varieties

• Used primarily in instant coffee or canned coffee grounds

Coffee Libyan

• Origin from African and it is an evergreen trees

• Fruit large, oblong, and skin close to the seed

• When it ripe color will be scarlet, citing strong flavor, caffeine content is moderate, strong irritant, quality poor

• Its cultivation area is small which located in Liberia, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia

*The above information is for reference only.